~ Corporate Image and Product Presentation are indelibly tied together ~

Welcome to Accuracy in Print and Assembly, a consultancy dedicated to assisting manufacturers and their clients in accompanying their products with user-friendly, intuitive and accurate assembly instructions, user manuals and accompanying literature.

Accuracy in Print and Assembly has been created by me, Rick Van Schoick, after personally purchasing quality products, only to find the accuracy and quality of the accompanying literature lacking. This would often be the result of the writer/graphic artist being 'too close' to the work or a poor translation into English. Often problems arise simply because writing and graphic artistry are performed by skilled people that are people none the less.

I created Accuracy in Print and Assembly to provide product documentation that will help your company:

bulletmaintain its image of quality after the product finds its way to the consumer's home
bulletprotect itself from liability associated with poor language translations, particularly in regards to critical warnings and cautionary text
bulletminimize consumer calls to customer service and support personnel
bulletreduce product returns by frustrated customers
bulletcreate a positive buying experience that will leave your customers with the carefully-crafted image of quality that your company has worked so hard to achieve

Who I am

I am well-qualified to assist you in your product documentation efforts. Consider my qualifications:

bulletpreviously held executive-level positions with both small and global companies
bulletover 18 years of professional experience
bulletextensive skill in the creation and editing of user guides and collateral materials
bulleta well-trained eye toward spotting errors in published literature that otherwise go unnoticed
bulletuniquely-qualified in my understanding of what comprises intuitive, easy-to-follow documentation
bulleta perfectionist dedicated to providing quality results on your behalf

What I do
Assembly Instructions Should your product require assembly, I will test the assembly instructions for clarity, typographical and grammatical errors and the accuracy of the text and graphics. This involves the actual assembly and setup of the product being tested.

User Guides and Manuals I will test the accuracy of your user guide or manual to ensure that it is consistent with the proper operation of your product. This involves the actual setup and use of the product being tested.

My service is unique and provides much more than simple proofreading. I actually work with a product sample to ensure the accuracy of the accompanying literature in the product's assembly, setup and use.

Upon working with your product, I will provide a summary document detailing:

bullettypographical errors
bulletgrammatical errors
bulleterrors in the assembly and setup instructions
bulleterrors in the user guide or manual
bulleterrors in the graphical representations
bulletpoor translations with recommended textual changes
bulletsuggestions for overall improvement of the literature

What I need from you
Once you contact my office, we will arrange for delivery of a sample of the product to be evaluated. Upon agreement with the terms of my service, I will provide a report as detailed above within one week from acceptance of the product sample.

The fee for my service is a flat rate and is dependent upon the complexity of the product and its collateral materials. Please call or email me for additional details.

A company will invest considerable monies into product development, inventory and distribution. In comparison, my fee is negligible, and my service will ensure that this significant investment will not be marred by often the most overlooked aspect of manufacturing; the simple communication of assembly, setup and usage instructions to your customers.

I look forward to working with you on your next product launch.


Rick Van Schoick


Tel: (610) 466-9830
Email: aipaa1@cs.com

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